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My Vegas Trip - Just got back Oct. 2nd 2017

Okay, so here it goes. There may be some typos and I apologize for that, since I hate that as well, but I mainly wanted to get out my insane week in Vegas, going for the first time.
(Fortunately, I did not goto the Route 91 concert, so this story does not include any first-hand experiences from that event. If you are mainly looking for that, then this is not the post for you. Sorry :/ )
TL;DR Went to Vegas for the first time and had a wild time.
I was going to Las Vegas for a singing competition being held at Vince Neils Tatuado in Circus Circus. I had gone through reviews of hotels, airlines, places to get good deals, etc and ended up just trying to go with the lowest cost trip I could find. In terms of strictly Airfare/Room, it cost me $330 for 2 Round trip tickets from DFW/LAS and $226 for 1 week in a 1-bedroom apartment. (More on the apartment) This is not counting the amount of money I ended up spending all week on Lyft/Food/Gambling/Lyft/Souvenirs/Gambling and Lyft plus those unexpected expenses that come up, which they did. I haven't even counted it up yet, just not ready for that yet.
Spirit Airlines AirBnB
I honestly should have:
-- Gone with the package we were offered for our team in the competition, which would have been about $350/week for Circus Circus in the Main Tower facing the strip. -- Played the MyVegas app prior to going to Vegas (had I known about it) and racked up some points to get discounts at hotels -- Picked a different AirBnB further from the strip initially
Every little thing that could happen to hinder your trip/experience, or try to sway you from having a good time happened. Thankfully, there were dispensaries in Vegas which saved the day, literally at one point. I tried getting an AirBnB for 3 people since one of the other singers wanted to tag along, to make sure he had a place to sleep and stay. I could have got an AirBnb at a house,apartment,hotel, etc somewhere closer to Circus Circus and with more amenities that this one, but I settled for what I thought was a one bedroom apartment all to ourselves, 5 minutes from the Strip. Now, I have never been to Vegas and even thought there are numerous resources you can goto for information and guides on where to stay, it was pretty overwhelming and I ended up only doing about 20% of my research. The AirBnB was around Tropicana and Maryland Pkwy. I soon found out that area was interesting. The host showed up half naked, in a see-through shirt an hour late, kept the talks strictly "business". We were dropped off and I found out we had one bedroom in a 3/bdr apt, with other occupants. The couch which I thought my other friend could crash on since I paid for 3 ppl was not for sleeping, just for staring at the wall or fireplace. Maybe reading/talking if you are into that sort of thing while in Vegas. The room ended up being exactly what I paid for, and the other occupants were 2 attractive women, and we are 2 attractive men, so we decided we can make this work and to go with it. Went walking to the first dispensary, and took the Lyft back since yeah. This so far was the only highlight besides just taking in the sights. I think we were still checking out if the area was secure enough to leave our stuff in the room, so we didn't really go too far. We mainly smoked, talked to the "Tatiana's" (They were both named Tatiana <-- not sure if spelled right though) and plotted what we wanted to do the next day. We wake up to no power in the apartment. We thought it was our room only, but nope. We check the breakers, outside and confirm she didn't pay her bill. We text her and she states it is paid and they are turning it back on. I wait about 30 minutes before I tweet AirBnB and give them a call because hell no. They mentioned they needed to at least try and contact the host and get a response, which I understood, but they were understanding of my situation. They had first asked if it came back on in the next 30-45 minutes, if that would be acceptable, and even though it would solve the situation, I had explained that this was my first time with AirBnB and Las Vegas, and this will be the experience I am left with. The rep had already given me $100 coupon for my next time, but this would not helping the current situation. After about a couple of hours of waiting, I just got a room at Circus Circus. It was Tuesday already, and I got the room for that night until Friday for $200 online. Not bad, since it was last minute. The power was still not on when we left the apartment and I felt this was more of the host defaulting on their contract as a host, rather than just a bad experience. They offered a full refund in cash, or refund plus 10% for another AirBnB. I didn't have room for Friday-Monday and accepted a workaround for accommodations for that date in a different area. The "Booking Queen" took care of everything and I ended up only paying $20 for a Condo right off Fremont street next to The Cortez. Top floor, rooftop heated pool/jacuzzi, the works. I just had to wait until Friday. Circus Circus was not bad, compared to the reviews I read. I am father or two wonderful children, so I thought this place would be great for them. The kids around me did were not bothersome, and the activities around the place was honestly great. Being a kid inside probably helps. My brother ended up spending almost all his cash on slots, even though we both knew that they had the least payout or return of all the games. He wanted to play roulette and I wanted to play blackjack, but Vegas gets you since the first slot he played was in the airport. Straight off the plane, recently turned 21, turns $5 into $35 and he was hooked. Pretty lights, colors, sounds, cartoons, etc. all around you just waiting for you to play them. We know we will lose, but we both agree to play about $20 to kill time and just have some fun. I think I ended up being up about $70 before I cashed out and he went up about $150 before he did. We did day two of our Dispensary tour and stocked back up. All our gambling throughout the entire week ended up netting us just enough money to pay for our flowefood and a little extra to gamble with for the whole week. We partook everyday and gambled everyday. Me with an initial $60 start and him with about $100. We took in the sights, avoided the street "dealers", gambled on the slots too much at Circus Circus and eagerly waited until Friday. The competition happened and ended a little differently than I expected, but it didn't prevent any good times or fun we had. Friday comes and we are checking out of Circus Circus at 11am. We cannot check-in until 4pm to the Condo, so the host mentioned we could leave our bags with the front desk while the place was cleaned, and we could take in the sights of Fremont street. We get back to the room and our flower was stolen from our bags, by the security guard, in the security office of these condos. Million dollar condos with you would think, good security and yeah, stolen. Diamond, Platinum and Gold from the Reef Dispensary. The priciest one of them all that we went to, and he just goes through our things randomly since the jars are sealed glass, and just takes them. The building cannot do anything since we are staying with AirBnB and not a resident, and even though we had a receipt, we ended up dropping it since the security guard got fired anyway. Turned those 3 grams into some pretty expensive flower. They were all honestly great, minus one bad attitude from the last one we went to, but the Reef was awesome. Khalifa Kush, Sunset Sherbert, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, mmmm. Pricey, but honesty the same you would pay in the street, from what I have read online.
That whole 4 days we were waiting was made worse, since I had enough money to cover myself in food/lyft and to get by until Friday when I got paid. I knew I was good then, but I had to spend the rest of my money on the room for that week, just to make sure we had a place to sleep. My brother had his cash and since it was only for him, we had to pretty much make it work throughout the week for both of us, which we did. Everything was expensive too, Starbucks, McDonalds, Lyft lol, we always ended up having just enough to have a good time, have something to eat and drink and get around to where we needed to. Fremont was the best though. We wished we had ended up there in the beginning. Music, better casinos, food, culture, art on the sides of walls, talent all throughout the street, just one big party. We watched AlterEgo live which was pretty awesome. They put on a great show and the vibe around you was just great. You are laughing your ass off at some of the comedy acts on the street, wowed at others and then you also pass by performers who are wearing next to nothing. Almost naked and you want to stare, because hey, you are in Vegas, they are attractive and naked and well they are naked. It is weird, but you end up not staring and just kind of laughing at the situation. I took one last look though, just to make sure nothing changed. The zipline looks fun and next time, I would not mind taking that for a ride. The Cortez was our favorite place. I now like blackjack. I did not learn to count cards, just the basic strategy and ended up coming out on top always. I would lose some nights, but I could go back and always double or triple my money. Dealers would stare at me at times, the men in suits would come by the tables and sometimes talk with me for a bit to feel me out, but I just have that kind of luck. Either I am not winning the hands, but others around me are getting blackjack multiple times or winning, or the dealer would bust when I needed it. I should have played the Royal Match more too. I would have made so much more on that. Ended up hanging out with a blackjack dealer the next night and just chilled/smoked/laughed and then used Lyft. Really cool chick. We had plans to rent a car on Sunday, goto the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Gold/Silver Pawn Shop, Ricks Restorations, Kounts Kustoms, but no place takes debit cards for car rentals. We ended up gambling again, having some fun on Fremont street for a little more and then had plans to go check out a show or possibly Route 91 since I was dressed like a cowboy for the competition and that was working out reaaaallllyyyy well. Props from everyone in the hat and the whole look. Fun times. The Chevelle concert the night before didn't go as planned either since a fight broke out right before it started and it was so packed, we just took off. We weren't getting good vibes and being so packed, we did not want to take any chances, which led to another Dispensary time. Before we even heard anything about the shooter, we saw about 12 cops past Fremont by the freeway with some vans. We thought it was a drug bust, but soon found out it was SWAT or some team. The concert had already started and we wanted to goto the Dispensary again before we went, just for good measure. As soon as we got in, thats when it happened. We were not really looking at the time, but you could see the flashing lights on the corners of the street which the driver mentioned were cameras and alert signals. We get to the dispensary and the guard is armed with an assault rifle. Street corners have police posted, blocking some routes and full armed as well. You don't really understand the full gravity of the situation, or what is happening. You think it is something out of the movies, a man trying to rob the casino or threatening to shoot, but you just assume Vegas has handled these types of situations all the time, and it was nothing new. We stayed the entire night at the Condo, listening the police scanners, just waiting. I couldn't sleep. The streets were quiet, maybe 10-20 people walking that you could see. We had a pretty good view from where we were and there was nothing. Fremont was empty. All of the buildings in Vegas had their rooftop red lights turn on at the same time, which was weird, but just figured it was for the situation going on. I am not going to get into the details of what I heard on the scanner or the stories from the people I met afterwards. There is plenty of conspiracy posts online regarding that, I will just say after that you just shutdown. Nowhere near what the people there went through, but just being 10 miles away from there and knowing there are people hurt, dead or just going through one of the worst experiences of their lives gets to you. You want to help, but you are torn between the police telling you to stay inside, not having your own transportation and the area being blocked off by police already. I feel like crap that I didn't try. I wasn't sure if I could, but I was more focused on just being safe. You assume everything. I thought a bomb was going to go off, that our flights were going to be cancelled, that someone was going to drive into a crowd on the sidewalk at every intersection I crossed. Just constantly on alert and knowing you are going to have to answer a lot of texts. The next day I was in a daze the whole time. Our flight ended up getting delayed about an hour and we left around 7pm. There were people crying in the airport, but mostly people trying to cheer you up. TSA was the nicest I have seen, people willing to talk to you, just the need for comfort. I know there are probably a lot more little stories I am leaving out, but being in Vegas a week becomes a blur. You never really pay attention to time except when you are checking out/in, you are immersed in a huge online video game with micro-transactions everywhere and you spend way more money than you anticipate. I want to go back again sometime, and I highly recommend looking for an AirBnB around Freemont street. Perfect location.
My little notes:
Spirit Airlines were better than I thought, compared to the reviews. Print out your ticket, buy your baggage online when you check-in prior to your flight and pick your seat. The flight was the best I had been on, really smooth and the view was amazing.
AirBnB was great. Customer Service was awesome, they really were empathetic to my situation and made a bad experience turn into an unforgettable one.
Circus Circus is honestly a really good deal and has almost everything you need. If you are a family person, or bringing your family, stay there. Vegas is not a family-friendly town I don't think. Fremont street was too much for kids and everything is sexualized, so just keep your kids at home and enjoy it by yourselves.
Play MyVegas facebook app if you have FB. You can rack up lots of points and have enough to cover a good amount of expenses for you.
Rent a car lol. I think Fox Rental was one of the lowest rates, but even some of the Lyft drivers offer rentals. As low as $25/day, you don't need a sportscar unless you just want to spend the money on it. You can get those 3 wheel motorcycle things with two seats. I saw them for around $350/day or $75/hr. Expensive, but damn it looks fun. There are also these electric scooter thingies at the Container Park off Fremont. As low as $6.50/hr, you can schedule a slot and use those to get around. I didn't know you had to schedule ahead of time, so I did not use them, but really looked fun and worth the price.
The Cortez had the best blackjack that we played at. Single deck, pays 3 to 2 and $5 minimum bet. We went to about 4 other casinos and won at 2 of them, but the Cortez had the best payout.
I had no sex in Las Vegas. Sorry if you were looking for juicy details, but I'm not going to pay for it and it's not in me to go to a bar and try to pickup a woman just to have sex. My game is not that good and it's just not me, so no crazy "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" stories, but at least I did not come back with something that stays with you after you leave Vegas.
Long ass post, but I wanted to get it out and write it down. Thanks for reading if you got through it all.
**I have pics on Instagram of the trip if you want to check them out "thethomasbeck" - iPhone 7+ and it does a pretty good job too with no other editing software except the built-on Photos app and Instagram filters/editing.
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